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Safe Quality Food (SQF)


The SQF Food Safety Management System is designed to provide organizations with a rigorous system to manage food safety risks, provide safe product and provide organizations with a recognized food safety certification.

SQF is GFSI Recognized and benchmarked to provide you with the recognition you need to supply products to leading manufacturers and retailers worldwide. More and more retailers and manufacturers are asking for GFSI recognized certification. Food processors and food packaging manufacturers are becoming certified to meet customer demands and to stay competitive in the marketplace.



SQF certification allows food safety and quality systems to be verified and validated throughout the food chain, increasing brand protection, consumer confidence and loyalty. SQF is recognized by retailers, foodservice providers and regulatory agencies around the world that require HACCP food safety and quality management systems by their suppliers.

Competitive Advantages

Recognized worldwide

Promotes confidence in food safety, quality and legality

Enhances your marketing image

Cost Advantages

·        Provides a platform for consistent improvement in process quality and safety

·        Improves process management by helping to proactively identify and manage risk so as to avoid stock recoveries, market          withdrawals and rework

·        Increases yield by reducing material waste

·        Streamlines risk and process management

Safety and Quality Advantages

·        Addresses food safety requirements

·        Provides proof of due diligence

·        Encourages more responsible agricultural and manufacturing processes

·        Complies with regulatory requirements


SQF certificate is applicable to any food business involved in the production, manufacture, processing, transport, storage, distribution or sale of food, beverages, packaging or fiber.

And also applicable to companies providing support services to the food sector and be run by a person, company, cooperative, partnership, joint venture, business, or other organization who has, or agrees to have, a certification body carry out audits and certification of its SQF system.


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Our services are essential for businesses of all types whether it is to get products to market, meet contractual and regulatory requirements or improve quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability.

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We ensures that you have the right frameworks in place to manage efficiency, quality, consistency and risk.

The standard contains specific requirements for manufacture, installation and servicing and calls for:

  • Implementation of a Quality Management System with several enhancements
  • Risk Management approach to product development and product realisation
  • Validation of processes
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Effective product traceability and recall systems

What are the benefits of certification?

  • Customer satisfaction - through delivery of products that consistently meet customer requirements as well as quality, safety and legal requirements
  • Reduced operating costs - through continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiencies
  • Improved stakeholder relationships - including staff, customers and suppliers
  • Legal compliance - by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact the organization and its customers
  • Improved risk management - through greater consistency and traceability of products and use of risk management techniques
  • Proven business credentials - through independent verification against recognized standards
  • Ability to win more business - particularly where procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply in a highly regulated sector t+971 50348 3821t +971 4 223 5779 t +971 4 223 5886

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