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Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)


The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes sustainable forest management through independent third party certification. It is considered the certification system of choice for small forest owners.

Its 35 worldwide independent national forest certification systems represent more than 240 million ha of certified forests, making it the largest forest certification system in the world, covering about two-thirds of the globally certified forest area. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland.



Benefits of PEFC Certification

PEFC Chain of Custody certification allows you to demonstrate responsible supply chain management to your customers and provides you with a variety of benefits that help the environment, people, and your bottom line:

·        Access to new markets

·        Availability and choice

·        Business leadership on sustainability

·        Compliance with legislation

·        Proof of traceability

·        Use of the PEFC label


PEFC Chain of Custody certification is available to all companies that manufacture, process, trade or sell timber or timber-based products. Whether you are a saw- or paper mill, manufacturer, trader, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, printer, or paper merchant, PEFC Chain of Custody certification provides you with confidence that you are in alignment with regulatory requirements and have access to a growing global market for responsibly sourced wood and paper products.


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The standard contains specific requirements for manufacture, installation and servicing and calls for:

  • Implementation of a Quality Management System with several enhancements
  • Risk Management approach to product development and product realisation
  • Validation of processes
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Effective product traceability and recall systems t+971 50348 3821t +971 4 223 5779 t +971 4 223 5886

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